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Safety gates

We offer the only TÜV-tested safety gate in the world at Intrepid Safety Products. A TÜV-certification means the product has been tested for safety and has met all the requirements. An easy-to-use safety gate closes guardrail opening. We believe this is the most efficient and durable way to protect employees from accidental falls.

What are the most important features for industrial safety gates?

  • Must be strong enough to protect a person falling against the gate
  • Must always fall back in closed position after passing through

The Intrepid industrial safety gates are made from a special designed polyurethane (PU). The special properties of this PU make the self-closing gate unique. The Intrepid safety gate is the only PU-gate withstanding the 50 kg TÜV-test. Even after 30 years of exposure in corrosive environments, the Intrepid safety gate still offers optimal protection. And all of this is possible without maintenance.

Our strength is your safety

From the start in 1980, the Intrepid safety gate has been tested on impact. Since the industrial gates need to protect people against accidental falls through a guardrail opening, an impact test is essential. We are pleased that the European standard EN ISO 14122, released on July 1, 2016, recognises the importance of this impact test for non-metal guardrails and industrial safety gates. Our gates are tested by TÜV.

We are setting the standard instead of simply following! This makes the yellow Intrepid gate unique and allows us to guarantee safety.

The Intrepid gate compared with two other PU gates

We stand behind our products and guarantee your safety.

Quality guarantees safety.
Quality of other PU gates.


  • Gate automatically closes by gravity
  • Returns closed when released
  • Design does not depend on springs, cams, bearings, or the operator
  • Gate has a horizontal swing, not a vertical drop
  • Available in four sizes: opening (mm/inch) between posts specifies size.

UDG-22 (22"/560 mm)

UDG-27 (27"/690 mm)

UDG-32 (32"/820 mm)

UDG-37 (37"/950 mm)


There are many benefits to using our swing gates. But there is only one thing that matters: you need a gate that works and guarantees safety! The Intrepid safety gate is reliable, maintenance-free and at a low cost. We solve your problem once and for all. First see and then believe?


For engineering purposes, we have 3D files and a TEKLA plugin available. The TEKLA plugin is an application for modelling Intrepid industrial safety gates. With only a few clicks you generate the right gate for the right opening. It also generates a list of gates used for your project.


Round Tube kit:

Flat Bar Kit

Square Tube Kit

Magnet Closure Kit

The European standard EN ISO 14122 advices to hold safety gates in closed position, but not locked. We strongly advice to use our Magnet Closure Kit at:

Get your industrial safety gates from an official distributor

We are the official distributor of Intrepid industrial safety gates for European countries. This means we have direct communication with the parent company in case of enquiries. Do you want to know more about our industrial safety gates and other products, like our S-hooks? Do not hesitate to contact us. Call +31 114 31 95 31 or send an email to for more information.

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