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Stop Drop Safety Barricades

BLH STOP DROP™ SAFETY BARRICADING SYSTEM is an advanced plastic polymer barricading system designed to combat one of the world’s most common causes of work place accidents; being hit by a falling object.

Key Properties of BLH Stop Drop™ Barricading

  • No hot work permits required;
  • No maintenance required;
  • Fire rated, UV stabilised & wind rated;
  • Corrosion & chemical resistant;
  • Externally tested and certified & impact rated;
  • Lightweight, reusable and easy to store;
  • Suits permanent or temporary installations;
  • Barricading System fits a variety of sizes and shapes of handrail;
  • Innovative snap lock and clip on design requires no bolts or ­additional ­fasteners;
  • Recyclable polymers used for a greener environment.

Adaptable to your workplace

BLH SAFETY SOLUTIONS™ provides dropped object prevention for many types of elevated work spaces. 

Accidents happen everywhere, not just on walkways or platforms. The BLH STOP DROP™ SAFETY BARRICADING SYSTEM can protect your workers in many other ­places. Our solutions are suited for use on scaffolding as well as underneath stairways and on mezzanine flooring. 

BLH STOP DROP™ SAFETY BARRICADING SYSTEM can be custom designed to suit your site conditions and has flexible options for allowing access, while still minimising the risk of dropped objects.

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