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Dropped object prevention mat

The DROPPED OBJECT PREVENTION MAT is a tool which is used on elevated platforms. It allows personnel to store their tools on a safe mat and will prevent objects falling through gratings while working at height.

When working at heights, dropped tools or other equipment pose a significant safety hazard. Safety at work is especially important when working on elevated work areas where personnel or contractors are working underneath. Dropped objects are unfortunately a common contributor to accidents in industrial facilities. The Dropped object prevention mat is a cost-effective and easy way to prevent such accidents from happening.

Key properties

  • Dimensions of the mat: 200 x 80 cm;
  • Cost-effective drop safety tool;
  • Prevents tools and equipment from falling through gratings;
  • Easy to carry and work on;
  • Made of high-quality fabric;
  • The safety color yellow hem around the mat secures the sides of the mat;
  • Connects to the grating with elastic banded hooks.
  • The mats are flame retardant (DIN 4102-1).

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