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Pedestrian gate

The self-closing PEDESTRIAN GATE is an easy way to prevent people from inadvertently entering certain areas. 

In certain cases, it is safer to secure walkthroughs in guardrails with a movable gate rather than leave it open. This way, people have to physically open the gate as a reminder that they may enter a potentially hazardous or off-limits area. The gates can even be fitted with a sign to inform people about the area they are entering; like the presence of dangerous goods or gases, moving forklifts or working machinery, or to ask people to perform a certain task.
The pedestrian gate closes off guardrail openings in a simple, effective way.

Key properties

  • Easy installation;

  • A simple and effective way to close off certain areas;

  • The gate is self-closing, even after years of use;

  • Available in one length, but can be shortened to the desired size.

Note: Pedestrian Gates are not for fall protection!

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