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FRP access ladders/platforms

STALTOR ACCESS LADDERS are fixed ladders that are made of Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP). Because of this lightweight, non-conductive, durable and non- corrosive material, the ladders can be used in all kinds of demanding environments where steel or aluminum ladders are less suitable because of safety or maintenance reasons. 

Base properties of the FPR ladders

  • Mechanical durable/lightweight;
  • Standard and custom-made products;
  • Good resistance to impacts.

The ladders are equipped with comfort rungs that have a flat and granulated antislip surface. The unique glued connection between the rungs and the ladder results in an optimal balance between strength, stiffness and durability.

Properties and applications of the FPR ladders

  • Acid and base resistant/corrosion insusceptible:
    • Water treatment, off-shore, waste processing, petrochemistry;
  • Thermic insulating:
    • Blast furnaces, galvanization, refrigerators;
  • Electrical insulating:
    • Electricity networks, data centers;
  • RF (radio frequent) transparent:
    • Transmission towers, network towers.

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