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Beside self closing gates, ISP supplies a range of different safety related products. ISP always strives to make its products simple and effective at a fair price.
  • Safety gates

    Safety gates

    A SAFETY GATE from Intrepid is the only TÜV-tested safety gate worldwide. Guarantees safety in an efficient and durable way. Contact us for information.

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  • Safety tents

    Safety tents

    SAFETY TENTS create a temporary and safe working environment that can be used as a guardhouse or shelter for tasks like handing out permits or other documents on the plant. They can easily be disassembled, stored for later use and reassembled when necessary.

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  • FRP access ladders/platforms

    FRP access ladders/platforms

    STALTOR ACCESS LADDERS are fixed ladders that are made of Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP). Because of this lightweight, non-conductive, durable and non- corrosive material, the ladders can be used in all kinds of demanding environments where steel or aluminum ladders are less suitable  because of safety or maintenance reasons. 

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  • Dropped object prevention mat

    Dropped object prevention mat

    When working at heights, dropped tools or other equipment pose a significant safety hazard. 

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  • Stop Drop Safety Barricades

    Stop Drop Safety Barricades

    BLH STOP DROP™ SAFETY BARRICADING SYSTEM is an advanced plastic polymer barricading system designed to combat one of the world’s most common causes of work place accidents; being hit by a falling object.

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  • Toeboard links T5-J

    Toeboard links T5-J

    Use polyurethane TOEBOARDS to encircle pipe penetrations and prevent falling objects or hazardous situations. Explore our safety solutions and contact us.

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  • Safety hooks

    Safety hooks

    Utilise the S-shape of our SAFETY HOOKS and bundle cables, wires and hoses. Minimise tripping hazards and cable damage. Contact us for the possibilities.

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  • Manhole protector sign

    Manhole protector sign

    Place a MANHOLE PROTECTOR SIGN and clearly communicate hazardous situations to employees and visitors. Place your safety products order by contacting us.

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  • Cable guards

    Cable guards

    Maximise safety and fix loose wires with a lightweight CABLE GUARD. Our safety products are available throughout Europe. Contact us for more information.

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  • Pedestrian gate

    Pedestrian gate

    The self-closing PEDESTRIAN GATE is an easy way to prevent people from inadvertently entering certain areas. 

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