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Beside self closing gates, ISP supplies a range of different safety related products. ISP always strives to make its products simple and effective at a fair price.
  • Safety Gate

    Safety Gate

    The most reliable, self-closing, maintenance free gate. Service life of more than 30 years! Swing gates, made from a strong Polyurethane.

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  • Toeboard (T5)

    Toeboard (T5)

    Our Toeboard Links (T5) enable engineers, fabricators and end-user a more economical way to encircle pipe penetrations in grating. Provides the protection you want.

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  • Safety hooks

    Safety hooks

    Safety hooks contribute to a safe work floor. It is easy to suspend cables, wires and hoses with the hooks' simple, effective S-shape.  A tidy work floor improves the professional image of your company and reduces tripping hazards.

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  • Manhole protection sign

    Manhole protection sign

    The lack of a clear marker for open manholes is a potential hazard. The absence of a marker invites you to look into the tank, with all its consequences.

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  • Cable Guard

    Cable Guard

    Protect electrical cables and hoses in an outdoor setting reducing tripping points for traffic and reducing electrical shock risks when cables and hoses are exposed to the outdoor elements.

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