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European distributor for the Intrepid Safety Gates.

Polyurethane self-closing safety gates:
The most efficient and durable way to protect people against accidental falls through guardrail openings.

Why use our gates?

    • Unique polyurethane 
      • High impact resitant
      • ATEX proof
      • UV-filter built-in
      • Impact resistant even on low Temeprature, -50C
    • TÜV-tested
    • Exceeds US-OSHA, EN-ISO & NORSOK standards
    • Service life > 30 years
    • Maintenance free
    • Less expensive than steel
    • Easy installation
      • Lightweight
      • Cut to length at site
      • Only drill 13 mm holes with hand drill
      • Various installation kits
    • Sold 500.000+ units in over 60 countries
    • Quick delivery >> from inventory
    • Specified by many industrial companies
    • Recommended by many engineering firms

About us

Intrepid Safety Products BV (ISP) is the European distributor for self closing safety gates, manufactured by Intrepid Industries Inc. TX, USA. Since 1980, 500.000+ gates have been supplied to refineries, chemical plants, paper mills, automotive, offshore, and marine environments.

Our products

  • Safety gates

    Safety gates

    A SAFETY GATE from Intrepid is the only TÜV-tested safety gate worldwide. Guarantees safety in an efficient and durable way. Contact us for information.

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  • FRP access ladders/platforms

    FRP access ladders/platforms

    STALTOR ACCESS LADDERS are fixed ladders that are made of Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP). Because of this lightweight, non-conductive, durable and non- corrosive material, the ladders can be used in all kinds of demanding environments where steel or aluminum ladders are less suitable  because of safety or maintenance reasons. 

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  • Dropped object prevention mat

    Dropped object prevention mat

    When working at heights, dropped tools or other equipment pose a significant safety hazard. The DROPPED OBJECT PREVENTION MAT will prevent objects falling through gratings while working at height.

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  • Narrow walkway safety gate (NWG)

    Narrow walkway safety gate (NWG)

    The narrow walkway safety gate is a spring-operated, stainless steel gate suitable for openings between 500 - 800 mm. The NWG is a reliable, easy to install self-closing safety gate. 

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  • Stop Drop Safety Barricades

    Stop Drop Safety Barricades

    BLH STOP DROP™ SAFETY BARRICADING SYSTEM is an advanced plastic polymer barricading system designed to combat one of the world’s most common causes of work place accidents; being hit by a falling object.

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  • Toeboard (T5)

    Toeboard (T5)

    Use polyurethane TOEBOARDS to encircle pipe penetrations and prevent falling objects or hazardous situations. Explore our safety solutions and contact us.

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  • Safety hooks

    Safety hooks

    Utilise the S-shape of our SAFETY HOOKS and bundle cables, wires and hoses. Minimise tripping hazards and cable damage. Contact us for the possibilities.

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  • Manhole protector sign

    Manhole protector sign

    Place a MANHOLE PROTECTOR SIGN and clearly communicate hazardous situations to employees and visitors. Place your safety products order by contacting us.

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  • Cable guards

    Cable guards

    Maximise safety and fix loose wires with a lightweight CABLE GUARD. Our safety products are available throughout Europe. Contact us for more information.

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  • Pedestrian gate

    Pedestrian gate

    The self-closing PEDESTRIAN GATE is an easy way to prevent people from inadvertently entering certain areas. 

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Thanks to the positive experiences with the product, many major companies routinely use the Intrepid safety gate. The use of the Intrepid safety gate has spread worldwide. Below is a small selection of companies regularly using our gates. In case you need a reference, do not hesitate to contact us.