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Self-closing industrial safety gate

TÜV certification
Specially designed polyutherane
Self-closing safety gates

To prevent accidental falls through guardrail openings, Intrepid Safety Products offers self-closing safety gates for industrial companies. They automatically close after passing through, even after thirty maintenance-free years of exposure to corrosive environments. This optimal way of providing protection is truly unique at a fair price. Our solutions are reliable and show our main goal: your safety.

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A self-closing safety gate makes manual movement redundant

The biggest advantage of the industrial safety and security gates from our company, is that they are self-closing. This means the safety gate always falls back into closed position after passing through without a manual movement from users. In addition, these gates are the only ones made of polyurethane to withstand the TÜV 50 kg ball-test and to receive an ATEX-proof certification. We also use this material for our plastic cable hangers. The self-closing safety gates are therefore recommendable for industrial applications such as refineries, chemical plants, and paper mills but also automotive, offshore, and marine environments. The bright yellow colour makes them highly visible, especially in combination with other safety products such as our toeboards.

Order your safety product from an official European distributor

At ISP, we strive to offer durable and efficient safety-related products at a fair price, for example a ladder safety gate. If you want to know more about the different safety solutions we offer, make sure to contact us by calling +31 114 31 95 31 or send an email to We are the official distributor of Intrepid Industries’ self-closing industrial safety gates and thus offer quick delivery our products throughout Europe from our inventory.

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