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Many multinational companies have incorporated the Intrepid safety gate into their company standard. More than 600.000 gates are installed in more than 60 countries all over the world. We have a 40 year trackrecord!

Due to our long-term experiences we also supply our gates to wind offshore installations on the Northsea. Our gates are made from a strong and  durable polyuerethane. Without doubt,  the most effective and safest way to protect people again accidental fall through guardrail openings.

Northsea wind offshore

Since the beginning in 1980, single bar gates were the standard those days. See below picture. Due to higher safety regulations the single bar gate has been replaced by the double bar gate. However, our first customers have had our single bar gates in service for 38 years. That's why we can guarantee safety and why multinational companies specify our safety gates globally.

Single bar gate

  • Old style safety gate
  • Does not meet the OSHA and EN ISO standard
  • Less protection than double bar gate

Double bar gate

  • Exceeds OSHA and EN ISO standard
  • Better protection than single bar
  • Accepted industrial standard
  • Meets Dutch Building Guidelines