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Safety S-hooks

✓ TÜV certification
✓ Specially designed polyutherane
✓ Self-closing safety gates

Our safety S-hooks are the perfect solution for hazardous situations that involve cables. You can conveniently hang these hooks anywhere you need them and use them to keep your cables in place. These are an excellent safety solution to use during industrial, construction or logistic activities. Keep both your employees and cables safe with this easy-to-use and durable equipment by Intrepid Safety Products.

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The many safety benefits of the material of our S-hooks

For our S-hooks, we use a specially designed polyurethane material which helps you create optimal safety in your workplace. We also use this PU for our safety swing gate. This material is not only durable and reasonably priced, but also a safe option for anyone working with high temperatures or electricity. These S-hooks are not able to conduct either of these energies. Therefore, these plastic cable hangers allows you to work safely with any cable. Does your workplace have ladders that could case dangerous situations as well? Our self-closing ladder gate is the solution you are looking for as they seal off potentially hazardous places.

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Trust on our decades of experience in with safety gates to keep you and your employees safe. Our safety S-hooks can suit any job and will last for years. Therefore, they make a great investment. Contact us to learn more about these durable products by calling +31 114 31 95 31 or by sending an e-mail to We will cladly tell you more about these and our other products.

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