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Cable safety

✓ TÜV certification
✓ Specially designed polyutherane
✓ Self-closing safety gates

Any cable can be secured with our equipment for cables to create maximum safety. Intrepid Safety Products offers you anything you need to guarantee a safe working environment. If you are working with cables on a regular basis, you have probably experienced that the creation of safety requires the right equipment. Loose cables pose danger to anyone working. With our products, you are ensured of safe, durable, and easy-to-use solutions at any site.

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Hang any cable safely with our safety solutions

Everything you need to create safety in your working environment, you can find in our cable equipment assortment. Take, for example our cable hangers which improve cable management and help you with organising your workplace. You can also use our cable guards which greatly decrease risks of tripping on-site. If risk of tripping is a substantial problem during your construction or industrial activities, our self-closing industrial gate is a perfect solution. All our safety gates and other safety equipment is made of durable materials which ensure that your cables are safe at all times.

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Benefit of the fair prices of our products and create a risk-free working environment in which your employees can fully focus on the work at hand. Contact us to learn more about our safety equipment and discuss the perfect option for the cable type that is used at your job site. You can either call +31 114 31 95 31 or send an e-mail to for more information.

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