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Safety hooks

For improved accessibility by clearing the work floor and greatly reducing tripping hazards

Using these Safety Hooks makes it extremely easy to suspend cables, electrical wires,hoses, and other work lines. They contribute to improved accessibility by clearing the work floor, and greatly reducing tripping hazards. First introduced in Europe in 1994, these hooks have been used successfully in many plant construction, turnaround, and maintenance situations.

Easy, one-handed usage
The hooks can be used in place of ropes, lashing, or plastic tie wraps which can often be cumbersome and require at least 2 (or more) hands to lift and secure the cables and hoses. Simply position the hook, and then lift the work lines into place. A hole in each end of the hook enables the user to easily secure the load on the safety hook by means of a tie wrap.

Tough, strong construction
The Safety Hooks are available in 8 versions – the yellow ones designated as 6”, 9”, 12” and 15”, and the orange ones as Single, Double, Triple and Grande. As the size increases, so does the diameter of the hooks and the maximum load bearing capacity up to 300 Kg. NOTE: The hooks are not suitable for lifting.

Protection for years and years
the molded plastic does not damage your paintwork or cut or puncture your cables. The hooks can be used over and over again. These Safety Hooks do the job neatly and are strong enough to hold your wires, cables, and hoses safely off the ground for a better workplace.

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