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Safety products

Strong rigid construction
Maintenance free
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Intrepid Safety Products is one of the main suppliers of a varying range of safety-related products and equipment in Europe. These simple yet effective solutions have been supplied to numerous refineries, chemical plants, paper mills, and automotive, offshore and marine environments. We are passionate about offering safety products that are simple and effective, yet at a fair price so you are not pressured to cut any corners. Our strength is your safety!

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A wide range of safety products

We are one of the official suppliers of Intrepid Industries’ safety equipment and products. Next to our main safety products, Intrepid Industries’ self-closing safety gates, we offer supplementary materials to maximise security throughout the working floor. Think about:

  • Toeboards: encircle pipe penetrations or close off open areas
  • Cable guards: cover loose wires, hoses or cables to prevent tripping hazards and damaged cables
  • Manhole protector signs: warning signs to put over manholes to communicate potential falling hazards
  • Safety hooks: efficient S-shaped hooks to suspend cables, wires and hoses to prevent tripping and avoid damaged cables
  • Security gates: maintenance-free, durable and TÜV-tested polyurethane safety gates to prevent accidental falls

Thanks to the long service life of the polyurethane material, maintenance is hardly necessary and the products are corrosion-free. Above all, most products are ATEX-proof and TÜV-tested. This means they are reliable constructions that cut the mustard when it comes to your safety precautions.

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Would you like to know more about the services we offer as suppliers of safety equipment and safety products? Then make sure to contact us by calling +31 114 31 95 31 or send an email with your questions to We are one of the few suppliers of safety products and equipment who distribute throughout Europe.