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Safety tents

SAFETY TENTS create a temporary and safe working environment that can be used as a guardhouse or shelter for tasks like handing out permits or other documents on the plant. They can easily be disassembled, stored for later use and reassembled when necessary.

Key properties of the Safety tent

  • Aluminium light weight frame;
  • Connected with malleable iron;
  • Flame retardant PVC coated technical textile, windows included;
  • Fire behavior M2/B1/DIN4102;
  • Good visibility around the SPT’s;
  • Industrial look;
  • Removable parts;
  • Available in different sizes;
  • Available in different colours (with logo);
  • Sustainable and zero waste;
  • No confined space;
  • Modular system.

The default dimensions of the tent are 3.00 x 3.00 x 2.50 m, roof size is 3.70 x 3.70 m. The frame consists of 42.2 mm aluminum pipes.

Advantages over mobile office units

  • Lightweight, so easy to assemble or remove - no cranes or large trucks necessary;
  • Can be transported to and built in hard to reach places;
  • Not a place for people to ‘hang around’;
  • A Safety tent is open, not enclosed, hence better accessibility and better view around;
  • Adaptable to every situation, regarding size, colour etc.

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