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Industrial safety gates

Strong rigid construction
Maintenance free
Easy installation

The industrial safety gates from Intrepid Industries are made from polyurethane, a lightweight durable material perfect for safety measures. They prevent accidental falls through guardrail openings and generally improve safety on the working floor of companies such as refineries, chemical plants, paper mills, automotive, offshore and marine environments. At Intrepid Safety Products we strive to provide simple but effective solutions at a fair price.

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What are the advantages of industrial safety gates?

The yellow industrial safety gates have a few main advantages. First of all, the gates have a safety-swing and are guaranteed to always close behind the user. At ISP we even offer a warranty for ten years on the closing of our industrial safety gates. Secondly, the polyurethane gate has a service life of over thirty years thanks to its high-impact resistant and built-in uv-filter. In addition to its easy installation, it is also lightweight and maintenance-free. Besides all of these advantages, the industrial safety gates from ISP are the only TÜV-tested in the world. It got the best score in terms of efficiency and applicability compared to competitive products in varying tests.

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Would you like to know more about the industrial safety gates we offer? Or would you like to know how our other safety-related products can improve safety in your industrial environment? We are the official distributor of Intrepid Industries’ safety products, such as the yellow industrial safety gates, toeboards, cable guards, safety hooks and many more. Contact us by calling +31 114 31 95 31 or send an e-mail with your questions to